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The dictionary meaning of rendition:
"(especially in the US) the practice of sending a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect covertly to be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for the humane treatment of prisoners."
The sorcerer, crook, Hindu lover & Islam hater, hypocrite, liar christian terrorist nation america & it's spoon britain hav been putting up excuses to take me out of Bangladesh just for that purpose. They want to hide their evils & humiliations very long history. Tomorrow is their next move with the help of another christian terrorist state australia. So mashallah Allah has sent me the rendition supplication to warn as well as to ask for his help, which he has been very generously & quietly giving this sinner & i can never repay them except keep trying to b among his most obedients inshallah.
It's time the world shud give a hard look at these true evils & INSTEAD SEND THEM TO RENDITION TO FIND OUT WHO A…



Every article has been encoded with an alphabet, either at the beginning or at the end.Strange but y such abnoxious evil.  Some articles r dimmed despite no settings exists to b done so. The inquiry fon # is disabled. Quran spelling mutiliated - fixed in many places in one article after inventing (a probably evil system) n still then probably mutiliated thruout the site. Not possible by me to chk the entire site n fix them. Failed (a farce to torture long enuf to make thirsty n break the fast) to fix the  same evil in another site. A clowned strangle system customer service dns seller.
Here comes john signing hindi goldies (the hidden agenda behind quietly torturing n beyond for few days n piling up reasons for blog writing evil procedure). Here goes the fag who has his own jet plane: althou comey is a set game let the bhogobans make evil muslims say n pray agaist evil christians so that godess john gets impeached. Before the crook islam hater gets cot in his own set traps of br…

Empathetic Person



Najwa Zebian  9:22 PM on Wed, Jun 07, 2017:
Don't let your pain harden you. 
Let it soften your heart.
Let it make you a kinder, more empathetic person.

Yes Inshallah. Very kind words that makes u feel human.
But only if u knew the sorcerers modus operandis ensure wot u said.dosent happen they use jinns to inflct extreme pains with stiffening muscles harder than rocks amidst unimaginble pains in different formats eg., pulling to tear off, acidic or mayb poisonus burning pains, twisting various body parts muscles in different tensions, directions. The body weight increasing to a max extent as if bodys extreme weight wants to crush the body into shattered parts. Also, so that u remain immobilized by the dead weight when u need to change location to catch some breath but by not allowing that they can make u loose ur sanity, patience to b a complete outraged madman instantaneously. But they prefer to train ur mind over a longer period of time by repeating the …