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Shykh Hamza Yusuf



Shykh Hamza Yusuf

These r exactly my point of view as well. Wot is truly the trade off .. simply said maximum probability jannah. Being myself in the west since my teenages, early adulthood n finally during adult years, looking bak 99% people of my background r least bothered of buying duniya for akhera. While the immigrants r barely 2 mechanically maintaining the rules n rituals of the deen n trying hard 2 at least train (never priority, like bak home - here is a cliché) their offsprings 2 teach the basics of Islam but the kids r more interested with achieving duniya. Bcoz parents feel more secured of the kids future (interesting isn't it?) n ignore the true earnings  ie., jahannam. Rarely I saw the hope of deen continuation thru the generations brought up there (unless some1 is truly fortunate kid of the inshallah jannati committed mother explaining her situation very emotionally in the video).

Most of the parents don't know even wots in the syllabus, whlch …