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Bobby trap, is it?

Overwritten on 24/1/!6How do I find out homosexual US n UK govts sorcery science havent. been applied on the new car bot?  Specially after  the kind of lowlife filths I hear all day n at least 2 types of new tortures introduced each day in computing n instant revenge attempts thru shytwans aided murderous projects. by creating out of the blue. full of lies ego hurting.allegaations n ready 2 kill instigations,challanges n attitudes whenever I speak truth or hilite 2 others their deathtraps for me. hence. i hav no doubts in my mind that the situation hav been creared n forced. upon showing crisis 2 buy the car loaded with bobby traps.  some1 inshallah needs 2 kill this evil niger president n evil white nigger pm along with their families, vice n deputies, both lesbian whore ambassador n flame jigolo hi commisioners n their secretaries of states, intelligence chiefs of cia, mi5 n their ctzens. who wud not enslave themselves 2 Hindustanis, period