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Re: Piccard on Previous Marriages.

<p>The shytwans:of us presidents n àmbassador hav deleted the original post. The accompanying Piccard also deleted frm dropbox as well.</p><p>Salam.</p><p>Tell me about it! It showed me wot I didn’t want n still how I had 2 put up with for y
ears. Bcoz the evil privacy invaders, miñd readers, Muslim haters ujk, USA n jinns hav iiñvested time n money (of course by stealing  my salaries, bonuses n fringe benefits 2 pay her us govt job  salary) turned yor wife as their agents 2b used against u.</p><p>Inshallah it is a lesson I hav been going thru still 2date frm the deeply Islam hating n torturers clans  will b told 2 world soon.  US presidents n accomplices go 2 hell  with yor SORCERY powers n censorship.</p>I wanted 2 add iin the  updated blog that the went 2 the extent of blasphemy against  Allah. in my g+blog which they made me 2 stop writing with deadly pains during daytime.