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Salam Reposting on 30/5/17


Munir Chowdhury
Courtesy of: Chasing Paradise Galz

99 Names of Allah… via @wordpressdotcom
Mashallah! beautiful isn't it? A nice thot behind creating a useful n practical display as reference.
Asmaul husna or beautiful n qualitative 99 names of Allah including Allah, the first name of the 99 names. In sura Hijr #15 Allah says he put life into the first human Prophet Adom a.s. by blowing his (Allahs) ruhu or soul into the clay n mud made human shape. With ruhu human beings also inherited Allahs 99 best qualities. They r given & the names were sent thru prophet Mohammad saw to us so that we can know the highest authority of Allah knowing his attributes, as well as we can also endeavour on his given qualities into us to be able to work on these strong  positive traits of characters n inshallah become the best amongst the humans. They shud b understood with human capabilities w/o shirk (adjoining anyone with Allah n his allmi…


ALLAH'S BEAUTY عابدة (AbedaDocrat)
Friends are important for our sanity and soul but choose friends that love ALLAH as much as you.♥☀♥A
They are absolutely not, I am sorry I can't agree with the above statement. Experience says most friends are to waste your time & corrupt your soul diverting you towards duniya. There is nothing called friend in need unless you are a duniya lover and sinner. Yes, when you have a dini friend that should make obvious difference, although yet to find one inshallah. More difficult for me because of the cursed "well wisher" pretender friends of shytwan iblisintruding my life. But when Allah is on your side Mashallah you never give up on these insignificant less than flies.
What is important first & foremost for the sanity & purity of soul is love for Allah & following his path. And when one comes of age to have a righteous spouse. Dini friends are obviously a bonus blessed by Allah.