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01/05/17 (added first 5/11 blogs)
I am Munir Chowdhury. Country Treasurer (ex)., Citibank, na.
My write-ups r of 2 opposing subjects, 1 is about Islam which means & teaches peace and the other is about the hidden terrorism agenda of crusaders & zionists aided by invisible evils (known as jinns or genies) for sorcery. In the later, the scheme is setting up on individuals intimidation, coersions by physical, mental, family, peer pressure abuses thru sorceries, of course, to enforce aiding them in their exploitation, robbery & anti Islam godforsaken evil acts. Then also terrorism is their most deceiving n so far most effective undertakings set in an extremely clever n convincing way thru crooked plots of conspiracies where terrorism acts r designed with some false stories, special venue & occasion choosing n follow up the blatant lies thru blashphemous media, political joint propagandas, simply to undermine n falsify against Islam to rule over Muslims n exploit their …


Yors & ..

Good ole barak Hossain Obama n his evil presidency continued by Donald John trump.

America needs to b smacked hard just like old days juvenile corrections process was practised by the parents. Smacked till it gets it common n civic sense back. Wot does homo got to do with addiction when these r nothing but twisteds n perverts n of course god damned curse.

Quran has clear direction on same sex scoundrels, prove them n kill them. Y shudn't they b? Aren't they disgusting, aren't they filthiest humans in the human race, aren't they counter reproductive thus anti humanity, aren't they haters of opposite genders so where does artificial insemination works after their reign begins - inside animals, don't they bring about the strangest n deadliest diseases ever, isn't that a signal of Allmightys wot he will do in the future if humans don't get rid of these queers despite the fact humans haven't yet been able to conquer the …




A very important explanation about the authenticity of the source of information in Qur'an tafsirs.

Our main guidance on this was derived from Ibn Kathir (Stories of the Prophets), who is one of the most prolific scholars of early Islam, and sources from the Qur'an and the Sunnah and other publications. Be that as it may, there were certain sources which could not be authenticated through Qur'an and Sunnah. For example, the account of Nabi Ya'qub (RA) contained in that publication, was mostly based on Israelite sources, which is why we did not have a separate article on him.

In respect of Nabi Yahya (AS), sources from Qur'an and Hadith have been cited. However, there are other details as well, which are from Israelite sources. The rule for this is as follows. If the Israelite sources contradict with Islam, Qur'an and Sunnah, then we are to reject it entirely. If it is in conformity with Qur'an and Sunnah, we are to accept …


When shytwans try to steal Allah's commands, to b implemented by the malaikas (Angels) while they discuss among themselves in the heavens about Allahs orders, shytwans r chased away by the malaikas with burning meteoroids (Quran)


Resharing with u all a very thot provoking "absurd" matter in our part of the world, but often happens at broad daylite in the wealthiest, most funded social security system, most policed society with various bodies to respond, rescue, counsel etc. for the juvennile victims.

Y this failure? Or is it a failure? Can they b unknowingly a part of their governments program 2 understand human behaviours under spell created situations to train the jinns of possible winning outcomes of the human victim. Based on the findings, give jinns advise how to stop those winning acts in order to create a combination of situations later that makes jinn provoked incredible brutality killings as drama of natural brutal deaths in homes, streets, res…