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The crook Niger has just proven his email appeal 2 repost in disqus was done thru some others n their aká not 2b shared here. Usually the so called niger doesn't give up so easily after ready 2b posted this same blogs important points were deleted n the entire blog hidden by him. The story maker ran bak 2 his previously mistakenly prepared n ready 2b posted blogger copy. This scizophrañic maker shrewd has got something up his sleeves sorry asshoĺe. The Islamic fraud has used the last few days in preparing another blog which it has not thot of at all posting anywhere. Wots the difference between Disqus n blogger?
Salam. (Possibly added by me? if so not 2 those who supports evil obamas Christian bigotry).
Life threat at 3 pm (FB feeling - MY LIFE MY CHOICE), nothing new but all evil covered in brutal cuteness n slow killing acts. Supporting, promoting against will.
Evil Obama pain creating, bak logged bitches help seeking thru explanation seeking, foul mouth filled with.crook politi…