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Reengineering Muslim Minds

7/3/16Salam.Renessaince of Islam - wot is required. Mashallah another very timely n urgently required soul searching paper. May allah continue 2 bless her with wisdom. Jazaki allah khairan.Originally shared by Nafeesa.We Muslims are born and raised by secular liberal values since our birth no matter which country we live in. These values are injected into our vein through family, education, state, media, literature.......etc. So by default we adopt these kufr values without even knowing. And these are the values based on which we judge in our day to day life.Islam plays a part only in our religious rituals and nothing else. And that's why many Muslims feel uncomfortable or worse reject many Sharia laws thinking these are outdated, barbaric and so on. They fail to realize, it's not the Sharia law that is problematic rather it is the kufr values based on which they judge the Sharia law is the real problem. This is exactly why a piece of cloth (Hijab) on the head of a women can b…