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Reengineering Muslim Minds



Renessaince of Islam - wot is required. Mashallah another very timely n urgently required soul searching paper. May allah continue 2 bless her with wisdom. Jazaki allah khairan.

Originally shared by Nafeesa.

We Muslims are born and raised by secular liberal values since our birth no matter which country we live in. These values are injected into our vein through family, education, state, media, literature.......etc. So by default we adopt these kufr values without even knowing. And these are the values based on which we judge in our day to day life.

Islam plays a part only in our religious rituals and nothing else. And that's why many Muslims feel uncomfortable or worse reject many Sharia laws thinking these are outdated, barbaric and so on. They fail to realize, it's not the Sharia law that is problematic rather it is the kufr values based on which they judge the Sharia law is the real problem. This is exactly why a piece of cloth (Hijab) on the head of a women can be seen as a sign of oppression and backwardness as opposed to a sign of modesty and taqwa (God consciousness).

Not knowing Islamic beliefs/values and as a result misjudging/misunderstanding Islam is not at all surprising from a non-Muslim but it's really pathetic when we see some Muslims (at least by name) judge Islam based on secular liberal or any other kufr values. As they are influenced by these kufr ideologies, they use their perceived benefit as the sole basis for their judgement. But benefit is not the criteria to judge what is good or bad in Islam. Allah (swt) says in the Quran: “Perhaps you may dislike something which is really good for you or like something bad for you, but Allah knows (what is best for you) and you do not know” [Al-Baqarah 2:216]

Though it is very easy to say we need to adopt Islamic values before judging Islam but in reality it is the hardest thing to do. We have to unlearn what we have been taught throughout our life and then understand and adopt Islamic values which are the only correct values. In other words we need to wash our brain. When someone tells me that I have been brain washed with Islam, I truly feel blessed because if you are not brain washed with Islam then you are brain washed with kufr. And there is no third option.

Talha Ibn Ubaidullah

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