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Kafirs Opportunism when Muslims Derailed for showing us half naked pak cultures. Being a Muslim majority country i am sure there r lots of islamic cultural pgms as well. We wud appreciate if u cud stop importing these raw cultutes n instead cud show ús some óf their decent islamic cultures. 

Second Chance

We all make mistakes, specially in the present world where temptations r in every step we take.  no 1 can bcome pure over nite specially spending 20/25 yrs of their lives educated n exposed in the munafik n haram cultures. Once u realize yor mistakes,  u shud set targets 2  correct yor amols (deeds) n akhlaks (characters) - some in short n others in mid terms.   Mind has 2b set for allways trying in managing how 2 overlook duniya (worldly glitters),  train nafs (innerself or soul) 2 create hatred in sinful life styles. Through persistence n strongly upholding religious rites u will b actually striving inshallah 2 make yor iman strong.  Once u mashallah achieve that u will inshallah find allah by yor side making things easier for u by opening up yor inner eyes 2 understand the forkan (criterions). Thru these criterions he has blessed u as muslim n will judge u 2 reward u in the akhera. During these transitional tuff times there might b situations when u will not b able 2 u…