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12/03/17 (updated 11/8/17)

A soldier giving political speech? Its their internal matter, rite so does Pakistan said about Bangladesh. Did that stop the world on condemning their gross human rites violations? Y shud b Kashmir b an exception? 1971 leave the vampire USA out!

10 minutes after posting the above i posted Rumis quote in Instagram with the intention of writing the 1st line but cudnt stop the "keep on" flame act of not showing wot I m writing. Product of probably another joke like belfour treaty or more crude one that can b shown if challenged by the frauds, as was bho's birth certificate (gang up genious act of all evils) was made public due to a frauds deceit. Then wonder y I cudnt reasonably justify my continuous urge of posting the URLs of blogger posts in my IG posts.

Y everytime I think of Kashmir or kashmiris I m terrorized by the minds of evils that r appreciated by modis n trumps, that they will go 2 the extent of "blackmailing" GOB 2 take action "under the laws" of whoever talks against Hindustani evils (interesting is the confusion regarding using the word sorcery whether at all or then after black mailing or here).

My apologies 2 the Kashmiris who entrusted their friendship 2 me in g ,Twitter n fb whom I abondoned for no apparent good reasons or not even knowing properly y I m sucummbing to a mind & situation creating evil. Inshallah let's wait for the day when allahs justice will brightly shine on all horizons of the beautiful valley named KASHMIR.

Note THIS FOLLOWING SECTION WAS THE FORWARDING COMMENT WHILE SENDING THE BLOG TO HISDUSTANI FRIENDS 2day 13/3/17: (some changes made 2 clarify farther w/o changing the main theme). Inshallah let's hope every1 in the world lives freely under the 1 sky of the planet earth made by Allah who also made us custodians 2 upkeep the planet peacefully 2gether n not make quarrels n wars. Freedom 2 choose, travel, take personal n public decisions eg wot form of govt, who 2 choose for running affairs that affects the most people within his geo political borders, b sovereign w/o others interfering or dictating, b able 2 communicate in mother toungue freely r each n every humans 1st n foremost inherited rites from the creator Allah. Since thruout the Quran including in sura rum n few other suras he clearly states that 2 test human beings he with his allmighty power hav created humans in2 diff colors, creeds, sexes, gave them different appearances, languages n SEPERATED THEM AS DIFF NATIONS. So.keeping Kashmiris under oppression is nothing but transgressing allahs given limits. The sooner they realise that, make corrections 2 this gross mistake the better for their nations future. Otherwise they shud realise that they hav overstepped dangerously in2 allahs jurisdictions n Allah, in the history, never forgave any nation big or small for being audacious n non compliant 2 his rule specially when other humans freedom r taken away as well as lives r not protected any more. As allah said he lets every1 2 fool around for a while 2 check if they repent or they become more obnoxious. Then comes his turn n may Allah save us being in close proximity shud it really upsets him 2 that extent. ITTAKULLAH - fear Allah n never look forward for his punishments. Remember he says 99% of him is of mercy n 1% of anger, but don't bet on it by thinking he can b fooled with his mercy, astagfirillah.