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Greed or Shytwans?

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

My write-ups ‪r of 2 opposing subjects, 1 is about Islam which means & teaches peace and the other is about terrorism of crusaders & zionists aided by invisible evil sorcery (evidential). The scheme is drawimg up deeply crooked n lengthy even up2 20+ years of planz linking sorceries n terrorisms in a very clever n convincing way by falsely setting up people, terrorism venues choosing n follow up blashphemous propagandas. Just so that Islam n Muslims can b blamed falsely for the crusaders n their created axis of American led evils. There actions include "non human" level hatred breeding n enhancing thru designing terrorism acts like 9/11 n many more subsequent most deadly terrorist acts ever.
Thru exposures of my horrific evil learning years as country treasurer with citibank, na where I joined in 1995, n afterwards during, n still now, their evil sorcery driven painful n forceful arm twisting "retired" years, I hav Mashallah gathered genuine evidences of bankers n government's collusion in planning n executing ‪all these vicious terrorist acts. Purpose, deep hatred against islam (being bastards of iblis) n steal Muslim weaths n resources.
Please read my blogs 2 learn more, n most importantly the truth. Let's join 2 eradicate this evil n make it a profanity, hatred n conflict free peaceful n decent world. Despite prolonged & painful sorcery tortures including unacceptable/ intolerable filths, life threats, n various other uncivilized sly n evils acts, I hav Mashallah kept on writing about their evils. To these evils, it seems, human dignity & life has no value.
I hav Mashallah chosen 2 samples of my evidential writings below:
Please read & circulate them (there r more) bcoz they r not only after me but these r terrorists who r religiously fanatic extremists crusaders of America n its chronies like Britain, Hindustan, Israel n a few more who r systematically replacing humanity with evil, hoping they will rule over an unchallenged jinn n human evil filled world. Their greed n inadequate education hav made them forget that evil is never friend of human no matter how evil a human cud b.
My writings r not getting the proper audience due to various censorships (1 of them is torture me for both purposes 2 make me or refrain me from writing). There r not reaching where urgent attention shud b drawn against these lunatic idiots, n that includes heads of states of all the mentioned countries. At least my experience shows that since 1995 up2 now they hav been launching on me n Bangladesh 1 after another evils non stop! I had enuf of their bull crabs, evil monkey powers, lies, hypocrisy n power abusing authority show offs. Wotsoever country or religion (farce, shytwans followers) they come from whether a  president/ pm, janitor or clerk, they cannot hav immunities n shud b criminally charged on grounds of violating human rights, invading privacies, using sorcery 2 torture, extort, kill, breaking international laws and involved in defacto undeclared 1sided wars against foreign nations by using sorceries 2 enslave their nationals, falsly entrapping innocents, making 1 desperate 2 force him 2 become evil or misleading him 2 take laws in the name of revenge in his own hands later calling him terrorist. If the country dosent authorise (how can a country anyway authorize) such evil acts, based on the fact that they cant just lie saying due 2 poor intelligence reports n thinking about the safety n security of the country.
Bcoz these r liars n evils n hav setup some evil sorcery revenge process on any1 that will testify their statements as false. They shud b challenged y not put in place a reliable documented process b4 vindicating some1 with evil sorcery (also how did they do the mandatory fact finding travel in2 the invisible jinns world 2 find out wot these r showing, saying n promising r true n will never hurt themselves), for falsely setting some1 up 2  makeup a story 2 defend their stupid foreign policy. A nation needs 2b truthfull n fair if it is 2 survive. History says many great nations hav come n gone n now a joke bcoz they did not make their rulers responsible so other nations simply replaced them. In a true democracy president/ pm is nothing other then 1 amongst the other people who hav been mandated 2 run the franchise for a while. So y america n Britain shows these r god like figures n shud not b disturbed. Is it bcoz they think they r maddogs when it comes 2 foreign lands but genious for themselves? Well it's actually other way around!
I want 2 say it loud n clear 2 all, that these presidents, pms, bankers n all else trying 2b smart evils with people like me who refuses 2 accept them n their evil believes, arrogance n inhumanity must b treated like criminals, interrogated n if found guilty, for the sake of justice n future generations 2 refrain from such unholy acts, n most importantly 2 save the planet from being complete evil, must b given capital punishment. That is not enuf for the sadistic power abusing slime ball evils, trust me!  These evils practically orders humans 2b turned in2 monsterous evils n make them more effective killers than a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb might kill larger people but not the desired person(s), but thru these evil every human is a just 2b order received killer of the person next 2 him who can never b traced with any scanners. Oh! by the way the icing on their jinn cakes (yes, human wastes is where the shytwan jinns lives) is that jinns r convertible meaning they can take any human shapes. Also they can manipulate faster than the super computers  the codes inside any computer programs. So how do u know ms theressa of uk is a jinn or human when dna results cud easily b manipulated by her human (dont forget these evils, they still exist) or jinn friends, if she is a jinn!
Still the world dosent want 2 produce them for public hearings that knowing even more cons than pro who was holding the gun in their heads 2 opt for evils n give a blind eye 2 a world degrading in all virtues?
Comments: (a relevant example n mockery of a brainless nation - nothing gets fixed but the post remains 2 show off we r evils against the good, challenge us! (U r challenged since 1995)
This morning after 3 hours of tries n bharot nattom evil with all sorts of evil promoting by naming the evils as loud chants I wasn't able 2 do a simple template change n no access 2 my desired tasks in WordPress for almost equal amount of time last nite.
Salam. Pls note that on the rite sides border in my comments under Y I WRITE there r 2 urls given as.eviidences against the american governments slave master.attitudes n extortion, excruciating pain tortures n samples of many more tortures,filths n few more outrageous acts. They r detailed in clear writings.The humiliated idiots n evils power seekers grudge on getting cot dosent stop there. Showing n taking excuse that an evil ambition of an evil nation had been shot down due 2 my refusal 2 work with the most immorals also best idiots n brainlesses of America, britain n Hindustan. They hav been using evil sorceries 2 isolate me, hurt me n break either my nerves or confidence. A big part of their program of evil undertakings r made successful bcoz.of effective illegal censorships. I m pretty sure, breaking both théir local n international laws, by using technology or sorcery 2 destroy or alter Internet based dox. Or else use censorship 2 ensure that my dox don't reach their intended audiences n of course stays far away from authorities who cud give impartial look at it n implement justice. Anyway bak 2 the 2 urls. Everytime I tried 2 hyperlink them the doc was practically mutilated. The same in WordPress. Sorry for the inconvenience that u will need 2 write them down in order 2 open n read them from yor browsers. Take care.